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Let's talk about Acolyte, one of the new batch of units released in the latest update.

Imagine you are stranded on an island. You need to light a fire for a smoke signal to alert the people on the nearby beach, which is in sight. You're having no luck getting the bonfire to light. You have a lighter, but you accidentally dropped it down a cave, where it is too dark to find it. Your hunger and thirst are reaching emergency levels, when a box washes ashore, containing a smartphone. It's fully-charged. But you can't get a phone signal to make a call.

Psychology has a quirk when it comes to feelings of disappointment. The phone's bright flashy marketing message is that you can get a signal and make calls and use mobile data with apps. Your attention is drawn there. The promise of being able to call for help immediately. So you might feel frustration and throw it back in the water in despair. I hope what you would do is turn on the flashlight functionality, use that to find your lighter, and light the bonfire to create a smoke signal.

That's Acolyte. If Wizard or Avatar are not available, then Magic Missile and Focus cannot be present. That means Acolyte's on-gain effect, to increase Magic Missile and Focus, will do nothing. You might be distracted by this promise, feel disappointment that this aspect of Acolyte doesn't work, and emotionally dismiss Acolyte.

I think Acolyte is a decenty strong unit without its on-gain effect. We finally have a Magi with a Fellowship effect. Acolyte can combo with other copies of itself, because all copies will have the Magi type. If you thought Gladiator or Rover was decent in a game lacking other units which share their types, why not this?

This has also caused me to rethink my least-favorite unit, Reconcocter. If I don't mind losing my fourth slot with a Polymorph spell that I refuse to use, then I can overcome my emotions about luck, ignore Polymorph, and just get Reconcocters for the +1 gold, +1 blood if no better option is available.

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