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Battle 94

append delete Joshua

Is it actually possible to beat Battle 94? Does not seem like it.

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append delete #1. NemoRathwald

Hey there, Joshua! I was busy running a convention, but I have seen this message. Now that the convention is over, I'm going to get to this. Thanks for posting!

append delete #2. NemoRathwald

I'm not sure whether Battles are randomly generated differently for each player. My 94th Battle is as follows:

Top row:
1 Demon, 4 Hoburglars, 3 Ghouls, 3 Imps, 4 Hoburglars

Unit offer:
Alchemist, Ultimate, Princess, Fencer,
Leprechaun, Merchant, Rover, Gatherer,
Scout, Shapeshifter, Wizard, Hitman

Do you have the same 94th Battle?

append delete #3. joshuar

Yes, that is the lineup that I have. I have tried many times but cannot seem to figure out how to not get my deck gummed up by monsters before I perish.

:: @joshuar added on 07 May ’19 · 17:16

I think the big problem is that every other round is useless for the first four times going g through the deck, so I don't know how to compensate until I am almost dead with half my turns wasted.

append delete #4. CS

I had to kill a pixie to barely pass. Basically getting 2 farmers in first 4 rounds and hope luck gets some mice.
Cheese adds blood when you draw enough mice.
Not sure how to do it without pixie. Let alone a 4 pt attempt.

append delete #5. NemoRathwald

Thanks for reminding me of the Pixie. I've spent the past three weeks losing Battle 94 over and over. Now I remember how I eventually beat it-- with the Pixie. Now that I've used it, the Pixie is no longer available, so this Battle is probably impossible to win again, so far as I know.


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