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January 21 2019 Game Update

append delete Matt Arnold

Today, Latahunden released another software update, and I have now added and changed the directory accordingly. By scrolling down to the bottom of the directory, you will see the new cards and tokens.

New cards and tokens:

Sensei, Pow!, Kami, Sleeping Bear, Angry Bear, Medic.

A new token type:

Pow! introduces a new type of token. Instead of being an Item or Spell, Pow! has the Type "Action". Instead of being "bought" it is "performed". So far as I know, there are no game mechanics that care about the distinction between the three token Types. Perhaps there will be a token equivalent to what Fellowship effects do for Units! That's exciting.

A Unit type change:

This update also gave the Nun the Types "Holy Ninja" instead of just "Holy"-- due to her Nunchuks! Get it?

Overall terminology change:

And finally, this update changed terminology to align with what is common in most deck-building games. "Active Units" are now "draw pile", "Reserves" is now "discard pile", and "deploy" is now "play".

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