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Lvl 78 campaign

append delete Kevin

Cannot beat this... Haven't really been close in the last 50 attempts. Any ideas? I've tried spamming priests and paladins... I've also tried loading up with the wolfs from the alpha. Best I've done is one monster remaining. That was only one time.
Every other level I've beaten the first or second time. I'm ok with difficult... But this is kind of getting absurd. Any help would be greatly appreciated... I want to continue to enjoy this game, not be overly frustrated by it.

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append delete #1. Anon

Get the hat dwarf, and use it to store extra gold. Once wolf starts to appear, use gold to shuffle it away if you can't take it out. Each wolf stays give damage so don't let it stay.

append delete #2. Anon1

I agree - I only passed when I started shuffling away the extra werewolves.


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